• Helping the Homeless Come Home

Permanent Supportive Housing Programs

Permanent Supportive Housing is a combination of affordable housing and on-site Case Management to help individuals and families live more stable, productive lives. Currently, Lafayette Transitional Housing operates three programs that offer a long-term solution for people in our community who face many challenges to housing stability.

The Lincoln Center is a 24-unit housing complex for singles located at 814 North 14th Street, Lafayette. The Lincoln Center is located at 814 North 14th Street, Lafayette

The Singles Program, located at 312 North 8th Street, Lafayette, offers similar services as The Lincoln Center and also offers 24 units. At both locations, residents have fully furnished, private          living quarters as well as shared community spaces. Singles Transitional Housing 312 North 8th Street, Lafayette, Indiana

Finally, Lafayette Transitional Housing owns 11 apartments for families who need more intensive services to maintain stability. The units vary in size to accommodate the size of the families.property

Each facility has an on-site Case Manager to assist residents with their Housing Stability Plan and help connect them with community resources. The units are paid for by the Project Based                Voucher Program through the Lafayette Housing Authority with residents paying their portion of rent based on their income. The goal for the program participants is to remain housed while addressing other needs that may include mental and physical health issues, education and employment needs, and transportation.