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Project Birthday

Project Birthday

Providing birthday parties and gifts to the homeless children at LTHC.

About Project Birthday

Project Birthday was created in 2010 by Purdue University students. The founding member of Project Birthday, Rebekah Thomas, left our area in 2012.

Since then, LTHC was able to work with Rebekah on keeping Project Birthday going here in our community. With the help of a group of volunteers, this can continue to provide a wonderful resource for kids that are homeless.

What is Project Birthday?

We provide birthday parties for children living at LTHC. Our goal is to show these kids that their birthday is important and should be celebrated.

The parties include: decorations, pizza, drinks, and cake for the whole family! And, the birthday child will receive a special birthday gift and a new pair of pajamas!

What can you do to help?

We invite you to join our efforts to brighten and celebrate the lives of these children.

A good way to know what we need is to get on our email list! When we have a child’s birthday, we will pass along the information on what’s needed. You can help with shopping, decorating, …or whatever else needs to be done.

When planning for your own child’s birthday party, please consider including an invitation for your guests to make a monetary donation to Project Birthday.

Donation ideas

We are currently accepting the following items:

  • Monetary donations
  • Gift cards for toys and pajamas
  • Decorations
  • Paper plates and napkins

(Unfortunately, we cannot accept actual gifts if they are not for a specific child. We do not have the storage space available).

Each child (or parent) completes a form which provides information about the child and his/her interests! It also gives us ideas for birthday gifts.

For more information, please contact Robin Max, (765) 423-4880 ext. 2531 or rmax@lthc.net