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LTHC Holiday Wish List “Adopt a Shelter” Program

LTHC Holiday Wish List

“Adopt a Shelter” Program

presentIf you are looking for a way to give back this holiday season, this is a great opportunity! LTHC always needs the following items, especially right now!

Kitchen Items

Pots and pans                          Dishes/Bowls                          Silverware

Cooking Utensils                    Baking Pans/Sheets                 Can Openers

Bathroom Items

Shampoo & Conditioner           Bath Towels                            Razors/shaving cream


Household Items

Vacuum cleaners                     Flashlights                   Umbrellas                    Sheets

Blankets                                  Alarm Clocks              Lysol Spray


Men’s Boxers (all sizes)

Women’s Socks and Underwear                               Men’s Winter Gloves and Hats


Bus tokens/passes                   Grocery gift cards       Backpacks

LTHC Food Baskets

Another way to help is to provide a Food Basket. Some of the most needed items include:

Staples: flour, sugar, oil, spices (salt/pepper, garlic powder)

Canned goods: vegetables, fruits, soups, meats (tuna, chicken, ham,…), peanut butter

Boxed foods: meal in a box, hamburger/tuna helpers, pastas, baking mixes, bisquick, jiffy mix

Other: spaghetti sauce, jelly, syrup, fruit juice, saran wrap, aluminum foil

All donations may be dropped off to LTHC at, 615 North 18th Street, Suite 102, from 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday.   Drive around to the back of the Howarth Center, and enter the door NEXT TO the “Donation Drop Off” door.  Call 423-4880 for more information or email rmax@lthc.net